Thursday, March 04, 2010

Making Fun Paper & Eye Update...

I'm really enjoying the Tablet class by Jessica Sprague. I still have the last week to do but it's all fun :) Some of the little midweek challenges (we do make complete layouts too) are little exercises to get used to working with the tablet and pen more. And I love these.

We got this polka dot challenge one day and were given some files to create our own papers with. Together with using our tablet pen to create different polka dot patterns. This is what I came up with as my first try:

And then another one with just white dots:

Hrm...I guess the question I asked yesterday was just too hard and specialised, eh? Oh well... I'll have to continue my hunt.

I had another appointment with the eye specialist this morning. They took out the protective bandage lens. I'm still on antibiotics for another few months, then a summer break and then back on them again. I'm on two different eyedrops (one type at night and another type about 6-10 times per DAY) for life :( And also now they wanted me to use this special eyebag that you heat in the microwave (a bit like a wheat pillow) 2 times a day for the rest of my life too. I just ordered my first one at £20... seems like it will last about 3 months then I have to buy a new one. All this eye stuff costs a fortune!

The eyes were looking good for now, but I have all these things I need to do every day, always... with no gurantee. The fear of sleeping every night as I never know if/when the original (V.E.R.Y painful!!) symptoms might return. Scary! Still, it could always be worse.


SarahLP said...

Wow, those papers you made are fab! I must look at this Jessica Sprague class, it sounds great.

Sending best wishes for you and your eye problem. It sounds horrible, I hope the situation improves for you.

Jo said...

Have you tried Panduro Hobby for your Rubber Stamps. They do a range of rubber stamps in English, Swedish and Nordic. You can look at their catalogue online, there is a few on there, but you may have to wait for autumn/winter catalogue for the full christmas range.
Hope this helps.
Jo x