Monday, April 30, 2007

Loved making this...

This was a tiny minibook class by Shimelle for the UKS cyber crop and I had so much fun!! Before the class started I was totally worn out from all the non-stop scrapping. But as soon as I started on this project I knew I really enjoyed it and it gave me new energy! The book is about 15 pages and I completed the whole thing in only 40 minutes. That gives you a great feeling of satisfaction!!

These next few weeks going to be SOOOO busy for me. Everything seems to have happened at once. It always happens that way, doesn't it? LOL! So there was no rest for me today after a weekend of mad scrapping. I have made 5 (!) projects today and my brain feels empty now, my back is aching and I just need to give up for today. Unfortunately I can't share with you yet what I have been working on...but it's for something new...and I got this yummy parcel in the post on Saturday with "stuff" to use...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Still busy cybercropping...

I'm still busy cybercropping. Got loads of layouts and other projects done so I'm pretty happy (though very, very tired!! LOL!) Will share some of the things I have done in the coming week :) And it's a very nice day here today too...pretty cloudy but still sunny and warm.

Okay back to cropping... See you tomorrow :)

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Just a quick update... I'm busy cybercropping over on UKS and having lots of fun! Since yesterday at 19:00 (it's now just after 10:30 on Saturday morning as I write this) I have made 3 layouts, one minibook and one bookmark. And as soon as I have typed this I'm starting on another layout. So there's lots and lots to do but I'm having fun...

This is the bookmark I just completed for challenge LOL! I have used Bazzill cardstock, Scenic Route papers, Li'l Davies rub-ons, some little jewels and a MOD chip.

Okay I have just reloaded my Herma dispenser and I'm ready to go again...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Cyber crop preparations...

Finished another layout this morning. This is based on a Becky Higgins sketch (I only used one side and mirrored the sketch) from December last year. Stamps are by Banana Frog, arrow is Scenic ROute, chipboard is Rhonna Farrer and then some MM stickers. Photo collage is done in Photoshop Elements again which I'm just learning.

Right I'm off to prepare for the cyber crop over on UKS...clear off two or three things off my desk, load up my printer with more paper, load all my Herma dispensers, have a shower and wash my hair etc. I used to be really obsessive with the cybercrops and had have each class prepared down to the last brad. Do every class and every challenge etc. I'm not joking! Since then I have learnt not to do things "just for the crop". I will do thngs my way - that way I get most out of the crop. Not sure I will do the challenges this time unless something really appeals to me. But the classes I will do. If you can call it "doing them". I never read any instructions anymore, just look at the finished layout and let that inspire me to create something. Then it works for me. I do something that is "me" and something that I will enjoy having in my album rather than having ended up with something possibly "just done for the crop". Anyway... It starts this evening and I just can't wait...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

One of those days...

I haven't got too much to write about today as I'm having one of those days where everything that can go wrong is going wrong...and more. And that's not too fun to write about, so I'm not going to. LOL! It's always best to try and stay happy if you can :)

What I can share is the latest layout I made. Again it's a photo collage that I learnt to do in Photoshop Elements (which I'm just starting to use/learn). And the layout is made for a challenge over on the Scrap-Room forum. The challenge was to handcut a scroll shape to use on your layout. Now I'm not a huge friend of handcutting, but I gave it a go! LOL!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Escape" class...

"Escape" layout class by Anso

Please feel free to use these instructions to make your own layout. You are free to link to this page from any forum etc if you wish. Please do NOT copy this information and/or photos to use for your own classes/forums/webpages without permission.
This is a class that I designed for A Trip Down Memory Lane and at the time of writing this they stock all the supplies you need to make this layout.

Supplies needed:
A2Z paper – Cosmic Blast 2 (Cosmo Collection)
Basic Grey Wholy Cow rub-ons – Urban Border, black
American Crafts Greenhouse Chipboard flowers
7 Gypsies 97% Complete Tag – Parenthesis
Heidi Swapp “Escape” stamp
Making Memories “Brite” brads

Also needed:
Black inkpad (I used Staz’On)
Black pen (I used Zig Millennium)
Black embroidery thread + needle
A few buttons to match your layout and/or photo
Glue (I used Herma and Glossy Accents)
Paperpiercer (or equivalent to mark the holes pre sewing)
Craftknife or scissors

Start by cutting your A2Z paper to size. I scrap in true A4 size so I cut mine to 29,7x21 centimetres. You can of course adapt the class to another format if you like. Before I cut my paper to size, I chose to turn the paper so what is originally the right side, becomes the bottom of my layout.

Take your photo (I used a 7x5/18x13 centimetre photo), place it on your page and use a pencil to mark where you want to cut the paper. Just look at the pattern on your paper and compare to your photo (so you don’t cover up something important!).

Then cut the line carefully with a craftknife or scissors.

Insert the photo where you have cut and glue in place.

Take your chipboard flowers and work out what you’d like on your layout. I sometimes took two flowers and layered them on top of each other to create dimension and a different look. In the centres, either place a brad or attach a button with some glue. Pick the rub-on you like best from the Basic Grey sheet and place in bottom right corner, slightly diagonally and overlapping your photo a little if you like.

Write your journaling on the 7Gypsies card (I chose to cut away the little pre-printed text, but you can of course leave this on if you like). Place this, the flowers (see finished layout for suggested placement) and a few buttons (randomly around the photo) on your layout. Do NOT attach yet. You are placing these only to see where you want to do your sewing.

Mark holes with a paper piercer around your photo (like a border). Pre-marking the holes prevents you from creasing your paper once you’re doing the stitches. It also makes it a lot easier to get your stitching neat. I choose to alternate (in a random order) just straight stitches and stitches in a cross. At the odd place I added a button into my stitched frame. Also mark 4 crosses (one on each side) that half overlap your journaling card (again see photo of finished layout).

Now get your needle and black thread and do the stitching in the holes you just pierced, and when you come to one of your buttons you just sew that in place too. (I used all 6 strands of my embroidery thread to sew with.)

Finally finish off by stamping “Escape” in the top right corner in black ink and glue your flowers in place.

I hope you enjoyed my class! Wishing you lots of fun creating your own version!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Playing with photos...

Had some time yesterday afternoon to sit down and play around a bit with my new "Computer Tricks" book and Photoshop Elements 5.0. Being totally new to PE it's a bit confusing but I'm having lots of fun learning. Went through a tutorial of grouping photos together and then cutting them out in a fun shape (imagine like taking a cookie cutter - which is indeed what the tool is called - and using that over your photo collection). Managed to go a few quite fun of which I printed out and made a layout with this afternoon.

Because of the photo shape I wanted to keep the layout quite clear and uncluttered so the photo could be the main focal point and I hope/think I have achieved this. I keep wondering if it's too plain, but I'm resisting the urge to add some more to it LOL! Can you believe that a year ago I would never EVER have scrapped a bright orange layout!! Sorry I have got some funny light in the picture - the top of the layout should not be that dark. Supplies are: Bazzill Doodlebug cardstock, Pressed Petals chipboard letters, Autumn Leaves "Stitched Panels" journaling stamp, Zig Millennium pen and some buttons, ric rac & embroidery thread. Oh and my sewing machine of course - love it!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

A rainy day...

What is better to do on a rainy day than scrapping? Been doing some of that and I'm also continuing to play with my new "Computer Tricks" book. I have just managed to print out a grid of Christmas photos which I think will be great to do a page with some day soon :)

Back to the page I did this morning. More Salsa collection by Junkitz (papers & stickers), then some chipboard alphabets by Heidi Swapp and some stamps by Autumn Leaves and Fontwerks. I have actually done this layout because of a challenge over on the Scrap-Room forum. The challenge was to do a layout which was split in two different places on your page. Though I have to say that I had done most of the layout when I needed a title and remembered the challenge - which fit in perfectly.
Suddenly discovered this morning that it's this weekend that the cyber crop is held over on UKS. I mean, I knew it was just felt like it was ages away. Fortunately I'm well stocked up on Herma since the other week so I'm ready to go. The first few cybercrops I did I had everything planned. And I mean EVERYTHING. Supplies for each class (with appropriate photos) in it's own ziplock bag etc. Since then I have learnt that I like to do my own thing. I don't even read the instructions to a class. I just look at the finished layout and let that inspire me to do something. That's how I know I will do something that is "me" and something that I will definitely be happy about rather than just "having done it for the class". Hope that makes sense. LOL! So now all I do is to make sure I have glue etc, a clear desk and that Ross can "look after me" during the weekend (=bring me food, water and cuddles).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Having fun with Salsa...

So I have been playing with my Junkitz Salsa supplies and come up with a very bright and green (!!) layout. Photos are taken in Sweden in August 2005. The green cardstock is Bazzill Doodlebug, stamps are by Autumn Leaves, brads are Queen & Co, and the rest (patterned paper and chipboard) are by Junkitz. Oh and I even managed to dig out my old Dotta-Riffic pen and found a new use for that too. I love it when you can challenge yourself to use some old supplies in a way that works with the current style :)

Got some magazine questions yesterday so here we go:

Shirley - The binders are quite funky aren't they? They are from IKEA. Came in either white/burgundy (I got those) or white/brown. There were 5 in a pack and a very good price. Can't remember exactly but £1-something!!

Kate - Creating Keepsakes and BHG Scrapbooks Etc are indeed US magazines. At the moment I get mine from Artbase here in the UK. You can get either the individual issues or have the magazines on "standing order" from them (which works more or less like a subscription anyway and is how I have done it). However in February I signed up for a direct US subscription to both magazines and were told that the "May issue" will be my first for both magazines (apparently it takes that long for subscriptions to start for "internationals") it will be interesting to see how that will work.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Magazines, magazines, magazines...

Today was the day I decided to finally deal with my scrapping magazines. They needed to be sorted and stored in a good way. Pre-today they have been in about three different places in the house, just randomly in piles (no order at all). End of that!! NOW!!!! So after digging out all my magazines I ended up with a few piles looking like this:

...I started to separate them first in to piles of which magazine they were. Then in to year piles. And finally I sorted each pile into order and put them into magazine holders. And ----> aaaah we have this... Yes!!!!

So tell me please, how do you organise (or not!?) and store your magazines? And which scrapping magazines do you buy? Would love to hear about it! I try to be good and "only" stick to two magazines - so it's Creating Keepsakes and BHG Scrapbooks Etc for me.

Friday, April 20, 2007


"Salsa" you think....are we going to have nachos?! Nah....I wish!! No we're talking Junkitz Salsa collection!! And that's exactly what I have been playing with today... My new salsa goodies. By a lucky coincidence I received some funky triangular penjars from Beth just after lunch today (thanks Beth & Jan!). So I grabbed one of them straight away as I knew I wanted to do something "happy" with my cute cupcake papers!! And this is what I came up with:

Hrm...not obvious that I like "Slick Writers" a lot, is it?! LOL! Well at least I haven't confessed exactly HOW much I like my "Slick Writers"... *quickly hides the other 20 pens*

I'm going to continue playing with my salsa papers now and wish you all a fantastic weekend!! Hopefully tomorrow I have made something more with them to show you...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Computer Tricks...

We were out all evening yesterday until pretty late. Got back in and the neighbour knocked at the door and handed over two parcels for me which the postman had left with him. That's the latest stash delivery (after ten!) that I have ever had LOL!

Some new Junkitz etc...

And how cool are these little plastic flowers...

Transparency ribbons - will it be the new thing? Love these...

And most of all I was looking forward to the special "Computer Tricks" issue by Creating Keepsakes. I have heard some really good reviews about this (good even for those of us who don't specifically do any digital scrapbooking) so I was really eager to have a look at it.

I have spent the last hour going through the first few tutorials and already learnt a lot of cool things to do to your photos!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some very exciting news...

First I just have to tell you some very exciting news!!! I was asked by Mel from A Trip Down Memory Lane last night to do a monthly on-line class for them!! How exciting!! I felt so honoured to be asked and I'm very excited about the whole project!!! I will of course link to the classes from here when they are live and the first one should be in just over a month if everything goes according to plan...

And I thought I'd share some photos of my new shelves. If you read my post from Monday you know my scrappingroom is very tiny and very limited in space. So I had a hard time trying to get far enough away from the shelves to take a decent photo. These I almost had to lean out of the window to capture LOL!

Today I have done some scrapping for the first time in my "new room". Okay so it's not new, but it feels like it's new with all the new organisation. Though I guess it will take me a while to remember where everything is again! LOL!

The layout I have made using Scenic Route "Laurel" papers and chipboard. And the journaling goes like this:

When I was going to explain to Ross that I wanted to make a “Påskris” for Easter (a Swedish tradition) I found myself lost for words. I tried to describe what it looked like and he didn’t know what it was called in English. So I went to check in my dictionary and we laughed so much when it was described as “twigs decorated with coloured feathers for Easter” (= it didn’t have a English translation because it didn’t exist!)
April 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

No scrapping for me at all today... That feels weird! I have been working non-stop since eight this morning and only just finished putting things into my new shelves now (half past five in the afternoon)!! It was a lot, lot more work than I thought. And a lot more fiddly to get everything to fit in a good way. I had several times during the day when I just thought "this is not going to work, this is not going to work" and I had to re-do bits! LOL! At one stage I really didn't think it was possible at all ( I admit, I thought that more than once...)

*Scary thought* I even had a moment of wanting to throw two big binders full of stash out just because they were a little bit too tall to fit!! Though of course I soon came to my senses again LOL!

Anyway I'm totally worn out after all the running around, lifting etc so I'm off to cook some food and have a relaxed evening now...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Very excited...

I'm just that little bit excited today!! As long as Ross can get off work at a decent time we're going to IKEA tonight!! And not only do I love the shop, being Swedish myself...especially the "Sweden shop" at the end where I can buy some of the food I'm used to, but... I'm going to get some new shelves for my scraproom!!!

Before you think I'm going to get something super I'm not really. I an ideal world, having a big scraproom I would want the Expedit or Bonde shelves. But ah, no...that is not possible. My scraproom is incredibly small!! So what's going to happen is that I have one of those typical computer desks (you know which I mean!), only I use it for storage (and I really do - it's full and more FULL!), and this will go. Instead I'm going to get two Billy bookshelves. One standard size (80 cm wide) and one narrow (40 cm wide).

Still by getting these I will have to put them in a corner so one is on each wall. No problem you think. No not until you realise HOW little space they have to fit into and that the 40cm bookshelf will block part of the 80 cm bookshelf. Imagine the letter "L" and where the two sides meet on the bottom left shelves will block each other (or rather one shelf will block the other). But that something I can live with (and is the best solution I have found for the money and space) and I will just put something that is not used too often in the partially blocked bit.

So it might not sound the greatest to you. But I'm super excited!!! To finally get some shelves! And yes, I do not have a single shelf in my little scraproom so that might make some sense why I'm so excited about this!! The way I have managed to pile & store things on the computer desk - you wouldn't believe what you can do with a lot of willpower LOL! I'm not sure this will give me more storage space (until I see it and start putting things on the shelves) but I'm sooo hoping there might just be that little bit more space. We'll see...

So my mission today is to clear the computer desk and everything else in the corner and move the desk out to make space for the shelves. That will take some time....

Before I go for today, here's a layout I made over the weekend. Urban Lily paper, Autumn Leaves stamps, MM Word Fetti stickers, Cloud9 Rain Dots Petals etc

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Layout based on a sketch...

Just a quick Saturday post. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Though there is a strange mist around which makes everything a bit hazy... Hope you're all having a great Saturday!

I have had a go at making a layout based on a sketch over on the Scrap-Room forum. I have to say I was pretty stuck when I saw the sketch at first, but got started anyway and kept getting new ideas as I worked on it.

Supplies: Bazzill cardstock, Scrapworks paper, Autumn Leaves stamps, American Crafts chipboard flowers and Heidi Swapp chipboard heart and letters.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Excited - now I can tell you...

Finally I can tell you about the class I was asked to do!! How exciting! Mel & Jill from A Trip Down Memory Lane approached me about doing a class for their shop site. I had lots of fun and this is the layout I came up with:

You can buy the supplies needed to make it at ATDML and you can see a complete supply list and step-by-step inctructions and photos here. I'd love for you to take the class and let me know what you think of it please. The class will eventually be put up here on my blog too...but not quite yet LOL!

And more exciting things for me!! I got the second parcel I was waiting for from the US yesterday afternoon. Lots of useful stuff!! I have already used the Autumn Leaves stamps on two layouts (!) and I can see the Rhonna Farrer journaling chipboard panels becoming very handy. Good value too - you get 36 (!) in one packet. 18 styles and 2 of each.

And can I just say: thanks for visiting my blog! It makes me really happy that you - yes YOU! - took the time to visit my blog! So thank you very much! Wishing you all a great weekend and please stop by again when you have a spare moment :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stash and chipboard storage (or not)...

Well yesterday afternoon turned out to be a nice day!! I got stash! And not one parcel but two! :)) One of my orders from the US turned up. Some chipboard letters, packs of rub-ons, brads, stickers and lots of yummy Urban Lily paper including these two really cool sheets where you cut them up and make them into cute little minibooks...

Also I got April's Scrap-Room kit! Yum, yum, yum! I really liked this one. The photo does not do it justice at all. Honestly! Can't wait to scrap with them...

Then there was the embellishment add-on for the kit. Goes great with the SEI papers etc. And who can resist some funky flowers!!

And finally the month's stamps. And yes I say stampS. It does look like one stamp doesn't it? But it's really cleverly made so it's actually three stamps in one. The frame is a stamp by itself, so is the "top ten" and the numbered list. This could be soooo useful...

We've had a chipboard storage discussion on a forum I'm on. How do YOU store your chipboard? I'd love, love, love it for you to leave a comment on this post and tell me - thank you :)

It all comes in different "awkward" packagings, doesn't it? Little packs with chipboard embellishments in different sizes... Then you have the coloured sheets of Heidi Swapp alphabets... "Undressed/nude" sheets of chipboard shapes and alphabets from companies like Bazzill, Fancy Pants etc...all in different sizes.

I have to confess to not having a good solution to storing mine... I have some small packets of chipboard letters here and there, a pack of Heidi Swapp hearts just next to my keyboard as I type this (lacking good idea of where to keep it!) and sheets of alphabets in a cardboard box (and not even a nice one...a plain old brown cardboard box with the flaps cut off ) together with my stamps in flat packs (like Autumn Leaves etc)... *confession time over*

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Card magazines...

I love these special card magazine issues by Paper Crafts. I wish I could subscribe to their normal magazine too, but there are only so many magazines you can buy. So I stick to their special issues instead. LOL!

According to several posts on UKS, the Scrap-Room kits are starting to turn up in the UK today. Exciting!! So I keep looking out of the window for the Royal Mail parcel van. No sign yet though... Also I'm expecting my two parcels from the US which were sent on the 31st of March. I really thought they would have turned up yesterday after the long Easter weekend...but no sign of them yet either. So I'm hoping, hoping, hoping...

And I can share some exciting news with you...

I'm doing a layout class for a scrapbooking shop! Should be on-line very soon... That's all I can say right now...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A nice feeling...

Aaaaah it feels sooo nice to go into my scraproom after the sorting I did yesterday. Really makes a huge difference to your creativity too!

I have just finished a layout using a Chatterbox Scrap-Room kit. I decided that I wanted to try a title with some handwriting and a heart. Wow was that scary to do the handwritten title!! I'm starting (just starting!!) to accept/cope with seeing my own handwriting for the journaling on a page. I think the funky Autumn Leaves journaling stamps have helped a lot. But doing a big title....?! Now that IS scary!! LOL! Anyway, I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the result considering it was the first time I have attempted something like that...

Papers are by Chattebox, Bazzill cardstock, Heidi Swapp chipboard alphabet, Chatterbox rub-ons, Autumn Leaves/Rhonna Farrer stamps and some scraps of ribbon.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Have spent the last two hour or so sorting out my scrapping room. I do keep it pretty tidy. I have to. My room is tiny. My desk is tiny. If I don't keep it pretty clear, I have no space to scrap.

But because my room is so small I R-E-A-L-L-Y struggle with storage. The space for one bookshelf would make all the difference in the world...but I don't have it in this tiny room. So I tend to end up with some stuff in (quite organised) piles here and there. And they need to be removed from time to time. So that's what I have been doing. And it feels soooo much better!!

Sharing a quick layout (I think it doesn't look staright in the photo...but it is LOL!) I made with my new "Elegant Flourishes" stamps by Autumn Leaves/Rhonna Farrer...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter...

Wishing you all a



This last photo features a Swedish Easter tradition called "påskris". Before I made it, I was trying to explain it to Ross. But I didn't know the English for it. So I got my big Swedish-English/English-Swedish dictionary out. Guess if we started laughing when it was described as "twigs with coloured feathers in, done for Easter"!! LOL! No wonder I didn't know what it was obviously doesn't exist in English...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nice weekend...

I hope everyone is having a nice Easter weekend! Here the weather is like summer! Blue sky and sun all day. Makes you soooo happy!

Talking about happy. This is a layout of a photo I took of a very happy Ross when he got his hands on the brand new Nintendo Wii in December. Patterned paper, arrow, chipboard etc is by Scenic Route and the stamp is by Fontwerks.

Now I'm off downstairs as we're going to try a new recipe by Nigella Lawson. Saffron-scented rice with lemon & cinnamon chicken and golden nuts. Sounds rather exotic and very yummy! Let's hope it turns out that way too...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Funky flowers...

Had lots of fun with felt yesterday afternoon!! I bought quite a few sheets of felt a few months ago but never really known what to do with it. I really liked them, I just didn't know how to use them LOL! Yesterday I got this idea about making funky flowers with embroidery thread and beads. I think they turned out rather okay...don't you?

So I guess the next thing is to come up with a layout which you can use them on...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Designing With Calendar...

What a nice "summery" day we have here today!! Blue sky and the sun is shining. Okay so the wind is a bit chilly, but the sun is sooo nice...

I made a layout this morning based on a page for the 3rd of April in the "Designing With..." calendar by Autumn Leaves. Brown cardstock is Bazzill, the patterned papers are by American Crafts, Glossy Accents on the circles and arrow. The arrow is by Scenic Route. Here's the journaling:

One day when we were out on a walk with dad in Sweden at Christmas he suddenly asked us “have you seen the weather forecasting stone?”. “Weather forecasting stone?!?!?” we replied. And he took us to this house that indeed had a weather forecasting stone (!) at the very edge of their garden near the road (obviously to entertain people who walk past). The stone is dangling on a chain hanging from a metal stand. On top of the stand is a sign which explains how to “read” the weather forecasting stone: Apparently if the stone is wet - it’s raining. If you find the stone is dry - it’s not raining. If you can see a shadow of the stone - it’s sunny. If the stone is white on top - it’s snowing. If you can’t see the stone - it’s foggy. If it’s swinging - it’s windy. If the stone is jumping up and down - there’s an earthquake and if the stone is gone you have a cyclone.
December 2006

Deanne - sorry I missed your question in the comments the other day. I bought the Scenic Route arrow sheets from AMLT. Hope that helps :)

Now I'm going to try and make my own felt flower embellishments...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How you can change your mind...

Very happy as my envelope-making-board turned up in the post an hour ago!! It should hopefully be the end of my envelope problems :)

Isn't it amazing how you can change your mind about a patterned paper? I got this paper by American Crafts in a kit. I really did not like it. Too primary/bold/childish pattern. I couldn't see myself ever using it. Thought I had nothing to lose by cutting out the flowers and once I started laying them on a nice turquoise piece of Bazzill I rather started to like much that I just had to do some scrapping!!

So this is what I came up with. Bazzill cardstock, American Crafts paper (the cut flowers), Junkitz photo anchors + brads, ric rac, Scrap-Room journaling stamp, Heidi Swapp word stamp and Scenic Route round chipboard arrow.

And from the comments you have made:

* Cynthia - yes I'm from Sweden. I live in England now.

* Jane - nice to read about your experience in Sweden :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Getting there...

Got another assignment done today - that's week 4 caught up on :) (See yesterday's post - I'm talking about the BPS "My Word" class). Just seeing my layout from yesterday as I update this, it almost looks like I have scraplifted myself LOL! I guess the main thing that makes it look like that is the arrow. Same shape and same place. Wasn't on purpose at all. I have used the SEI Christmas paper range and also some SEI epoxy stickers.

I got some questions in the "comments" sections yesterday so here we go:

* Cynthia asked about the arrow - it's from a sheet of arrows by Scenic Route.

* Both Keitha and Hetty asked about my stamp "Art Doesn't Have To Be Perfect" - it's by Catslife Press. Hope that helps :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Trying to catch up...

We're on week 5 of the "My Word" class over on BPS. But since I was ill the other week I have got hopelessly behind. Or so I thought. The last few days I have tried really hard to catch up. I'm now up-to-date with the weekly audio files. Also I have done all but one of the writing prompts that we get (4 a week). So that feels really good!

I still have the weekly PDFs and the assignments in them. I have just finished week 3 and I'm currently working on week 4. So I'm slowly getting there - which feels really great. At one stage I thought it was impossible for me to catch up.

Anyway, back to my "week 3" layout. I have to say I really struggled with the PDF. Reading some of the grammar parts I really felt I was reading Greek (ie didn't understand a thing). Okay so English is not my first language and I guess it's totally understandable that something like that would be difficult for me. Yet it's so difficult not to be too hard on yourself when you just don't get something. I have to admit to being close to giving up...

Then I just got really determind and sat down with pen and paper and wrote down each sentence of my journaling as I went along and worked things out. And I did it - I got my journaling done!! To be honest I'm not sure I got it 100% right (maybe I did, maybe I didn't)...I really don't know. But I guess what matters is that I tried, I did it and I didn't give up on it just because it seemed impossible for me to understand. I improved my journaling from how I first would have written it and that means I achieved something good! So ---> yay for that! LOL!