Saturday, April 21, 2007

Magazines, magazines, magazines...

Today was the day I decided to finally deal with my scrapping magazines. They needed to be sorted and stored in a good way. Pre-today they have been in about three different places in the house, just randomly in piles (no order at all). End of that!! NOW!!!! So after digging out all my magazines I ended up with a few piles looking like this:

...I started to separate them first in to piles of which magazine they were. Then in to year piles. And finally I sorted each pile into order and put them into magazine holders. And ----> aaaah we have this... Yes!!!!

So tell me please, how do you organise (or not!?) and store your magazines? And which scrapping magazines do you buy? Would love to hear about it! I try to be good and "only" stick to two magazines - so it's Creating Keepsakes and BHG Scrapbooks Etc for me.


Shirley said...

Those magazine files look pretty Anso where did you get them?

My mags are in huge crates!

Anonymous said...

I do organize my magazines - I subscribe to Memory Makers, Scrapbooks, etc, and Simple Scrapbooks. Going forward, I'll probably let Memory Makers drop. My favorite was Paper Kuts, but that went out of business. So, the latter two look very much like yours - by title and year. The Memory makers, I pass on to newer scrappers who may not be able to afford magazines and supplies, too.

Jen said...

mine are organised in exactly the same way as yours - even down to the same files! lol

Kate said...

I usually get high street mags like Quick and Crafty. Do you subscribe to the US for your titles I don't recognise them?

Jo Lucy said...

I have just had a mag sort out too, and have sold my US mags on UKS. No-one seems interested in the UK ones.
I also organise by title and date, and am trying to only 'keep' a year's worth, pluss od issues that I dip into again and again.
Your scrap room is looking really good, btw.