Monday, August 23, 2010

And A Few More Kindle Things...

Following on from the E-Reader review post at the weekend, Carly has sent me a few more questions... and I figured I might as well reply on the blog rather than privately as it might be something someone else is wondering about too :)

Before going onto the questions, I just wanted to say to Carly that I'm really pleased that my review was helpful to you and I'm very happy that you have now ordered a Kindle. I'm sure you won't regret it :) I'm really excited for you!! :)

Okay Carly's first question: "Do u have a reason for choosing the 3G model? Does the kindle 2 have 3G? I have ordered the wifi only model now I am debating changing as the models haven't shipped yet. "

My reply: The Kindle 2 is 3G only. I was very unsure of which model of the Kindle 3 to go for. At first I was thinking of the WiFi only. But since I'm used to the 3G (Kindle 2 does not have WiFi) and it was not several £100s more, "only" £40, I decided to get the WiFi+3G model. Just on the off chance that it might be something I'd regret later. Having said that, to be totally honest, I don't really see a reason as you why you'd really *need* 3G. Unless you're very disorganised it's not exactly hard to make sure you have a few books bought+downloaded before a trip. And I have actually never bought a book while being out and about (I've always been at home) so WiFi would have done just fine. As I said, it's only because I'm used to the 3G from my Kindle 2. And maybe (probably!) it was unnecessary for me to go for the WiFi+3G really... I'm normally a very organised person and I always have a few unread books ready to read on my Kindle, so I have no mega emergency to download a book while not at home.

(The case I ordered, even though *gulp* I think it's very expensive for what it is LOL!)

Second question from Carly: "Have you found yourself downloading a kindle edition of your favourite paperback books? I think I would be tempted just to have them in my e book collection but thus seems a little obsessive lol"

My reply: I try not to, because if they are some of my favourite books it's not like I will get rid of the hard- and/or paperback anyway. Having said that, I totally have the feeling of wanting to have them for the Kindle too!! :) And even though I try to resist it, I have to admit that some books (like the Twilight saga) has indeed been bought for the Kindle even though I have them both in English paperbacks and Swedish hardbacks LOL! :)

Hope that was of some help & hope you will love your new Kindle when you receive it just as much as I do mine :)

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