Sunday, August 26, 2007

“Bang!” layout class...

Please feel free to use these instructions to make your own layout. You are free to link to this page from any forum etc if you wish. Please do NOT copy this information and/or photos to use for your own classes/forums/webpages without permission.

This is a quick and simple class which I designed for A Trip Down Memory Lane and at the time of writing this they stock all the supplies you need to make this layout.

Supplies needed:
Love Elsie – Toby – “Go” (embossed) paper
Love Elsie – Toby – “Carry On” paper
Love Elsie – Toby – “City Blocks” paper
Love Elsie – Toby – “Basic Mix” alphabet stickers
Love Elsie – Toby – “Blocks” chipboard sticker shapes
Love Elsie – Toby – “Big Ribbon” pack
Black journaling pen (I use Zig Millennium)
Autumn Leaves “For The Record” journaling stamps
Doodlebug “Paper Frills” in lilac

Also needed:
Scalloped scissors
Black inkpad (Colorbox chalk ink is great in “Charcoal”)
Herma (or scrapping glue of your choice)
White embroidery thread + needle
Glossy Accents and a few jewels (optional)

Start by cutting your “Go” paper to size. I scrap in true A4 size, so I cut mine to 29,7x21 centimetres (cm). You can of course adapt the class to another format if you like.

Cut a piece from the “Carry On” paper that measures 11x17,5 cm (we’ll use the stripy side for this piece so pick a part of the paper that you specifically like). Then cut one piece that measures 11x11 cm, we’ll use the lilac side with the lime dots for this piece, which will now be referred to as the “lilac piece”.

Use scalloped scissors to cut ONE edge of your lilac piece of paper and edge both pieces of patterned paper with your black inkpad. Attach the lilac paper, with the scalloped edge at the top, approx 2 cm from the top and 0,5cm from the right side of the layout. Now attach your stripy paper, level with the right side of the layout, 10 cm from the top of the layout. Put your chosen photo in place (I have used a 15x11 cm photo).

Pick one piece of the “paper frills” (I chose a scalloped one to match the scallop at the top of the layout), cut it about a cm shorter than your stripy paper and attach right underneath it. Pick a ribbon from the “big ribbon” pack (I went for the brown with the coloured stripes) and cut it slightly shorter than the width of your layout. Attach just overlapping the bottom of your photo. Then pick another ribbon (I went for the one with the words) and cut to 15 cm. Glue in place half overlapping the previous ribbon. Use a few staples for decoration and to keep in place.

Use the alphabet stickers to spell out your title. I split mine and put it in two places. Outline with the black pen to make the letters stand out a bit more (do this slowly so you don’t slip and go over your letters with your pen).

Stamp your chosen journaling stamp, vertically, half overlapping the stripy paper on the left side of the layout. Add your journaling. Now pick a square from the “City Blocks” layout and cut out. Glue in place, half overlapping the photo on the left side.

I added some white dots and stripes, some blue little jewels and covered the square in Glossy Accents – this is of course totally optional – just go with what you like.

Finally finish off by doing a few cross stitches, half overlapping the photo, using white embroidery thread. A good tip is to use a paper piercer first to pierce the holes – this makes your stitching look a lot neater. Then add some of the chipboard blocks of your choice to the top right of your photo and use your embroidery thread to make little knots.

I hope you enjoyed my class! Wishing you lots of fun creating your own version!


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