Monday, August 27, 2007

Feeling miserable...

Feeling a little miserable today. Got a sore throat yesterday evening. It came on really fast and I kept hoping it would be one of those things when you wake up in the morning and it's gone. Instead it's got worse (it's only on one side) and I feel it going all up into my ear with a slight earache too. Really painful to swallow and if I touch my throat I'm a bit swollen too. Head feels hot and heavy and in the last few minutes my nose is starting to feel quite tickly and inflamed too. I hate sore throats...they just really get to me. :(

Right enough of complaining! LOL! Can I just send a little thank you to "grungedandy" for all the comments you left on different posts yesterday - made me smile :) And thanks to Margaret and everyone else for your comments too - I love it when I get to read a line from someone. Otherwise it's easy to think you're just sitting here blogging and no-one is actually out there reading it LOL! So I love all your comments - thank you.

Supplies for layout above: "Love Elsie - Lola" papers, epoxy stickers & alphabet stickers, black Bazzill card and jewels. The title box I have made myself with the Elsie letter stickers and a black Slick Writer.


margaretforster said...

love this photo & color of your layout Anso. well done!! keep up the good work cause even if I don't comment sometimes, I read your blog everyday. you do a great job blogging. hope you get better soon. you need some of our sunshine (lololol !!!).

cynthia said...

I may not always make a comment, but know ANso I am out there everday admiring your creativity! :)

grungedandy said...

he he just noticed this (yes i'm a little slow) not used to seeing my name up there thanks! just passing the love i know how i feel when someone comments on mine!

seeya hugya