Friday, March 04, 2011

Scor-Buddy: A Review...

After having the chance to play around with a Scor-Buddy for a while, I thought I would post a review of it here for you all :)

I have had an older version of a Scor-Pal (the larger model) for a long time now. And I have used it to score EVERY single card I have made since I got it. But the Scor-Buddy, being a smaller model of the Scor-Pal, as always tempted me...

Unlike the Scor-Pal, the Scor-Buddy actually comes with a great little pouch to store it in...

The pouch easily fits both the Scor-Buddy and the Scor-Mat (this is sold separately - more on this later) which is great :) So you have everything ready in one little bag...

The Scor-Buddy also comes with a scoring tool. This has it's own little section at the top, where it clips in, so you never have to hunt around for your scoring tool (assuming you put it back there when you're finished LOL!) - this is a GREAT little feature :) just press the blue button in the middle of the scoring tool holder and the tool pops out!

As I mentioned above, you can also buy a mat for the Scor-Buddy (the Scor-Mat). This is a great little addition to the Scor-Buddy. It's like one of those self-healing cutting mats. It's got lots of grid lines & measurements and even some diagonal angles marked on the mat.

The back side (please excuse the glare in the photo below, it was a really dark day and I had to use my flash for some of the photos) is totally different. It's like a shiny firm plastic and according to the packaging it's a "work surface perfect for stamping and other craft activities". I have not had the chance to use this side yet but I could imagine that inks etc would wipe off this very well.

The Scor-Mat fits perfectly in the Scor-Buddy :)

Now I really wish I had a Scor-Mat for my Scor-Pal (=the 12x12 version) too...! Oh well... maybe one day...

The Scor-Buddy itself is full of scoring grooves which makes it possible to score nearly anything (paper/cardstock wise). It even has a few marks (marked with an arrow, star etc) for the very common card sizes. If you're making a more unusual size, just mark where you have the middle and use one of the scoring lines to score.

The work surface of the actual scoring board is 7X7 inches. But since the right and bottom edges are open you can leave your cardstock hanging over the edge. This makes it technically possible to score something bigger than 7X7. You just have to work out where you want your score line, score as far as you can and then flip the paper over :)

Conclusion: This is a great little tool! For me, having a (VERY!) small desk it's great that I don't need a big 12x12 spot to use it in. Similarly if you don't have a dedicated desk or room for crafting and you need to store your supplies somewhere different from where you work this won't take up much space :)

I can also see this as being a great thing to have if you travel with some of your supplies (or maybe go to a crop?). Or just in general maybe want to grab a few things to have on your knee in the sofa in front of the TV or something :)

It's definitely a great investment if you are a cardmaker and I can very much recommend it :)

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