Thursday, March 03, 2011

LOAD 2...

Okay I promised some more updates on the LOAD (LayOut A Day) challenge that I set for myself at the weekend. It's going well. The only day that was really though so far was Tuesday. I've been suffering with back pain for about 3 weeks now. It's been getting slowly better but Tuesday was not so great. And sitting at a desk is bad = scrapping is not good.

Apart from that I also had a bad "eye attack" in the night again (I suffer from a condition where my eyelid sticks to the eye surface - cornea - and rips that while I sleep. More painful than I can describe in words). This left me very sore, teary eyed and light sensitive in the daytime and... well let's just say that scrapping was not what I wanted to do. But I battled through and got my layout done. Admittedly the one I like least so far of my LOAD layouts, but at least I did it. And it's all about KEEPING GOING and experimenting!

Above is my 2nd LOAD layout. Normally I'm not one that turns to yellow when I scrap. Or even buy yellow supplies very often for that matter. But Sassafras papers are something I can very rarely resist! :)

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