Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Christmas Journal - Day 25...

So I've decided to mix my last few pages of my Christmas journal with my LOAD challenge layouts here on the blog. Today it's all about Christmas though :) that's the 25th of December. Again great to use this page protector for the 25th as I had lots of photos I wanted to use. The 25th of December in Sweden (celebrating Christmas on the 24th!) is like... I guess what Boxing Day (26th) is like for people celebrating Christmas on the 25th. Kinda like the day after the big event. But we were having lots of people over for lunch so it was full speed ahead all morning!

I have already finished my LOAD (LayOut A Day) layout for today. Yay I'm on a roll - 5 done and not a day missed so far! I'm off to get some digital Creative Team work done now. My to do list for today is like 4 days (=impossible!) worth - aaah! LOL! Anyway, please come back tomorrow for an update on LOAD :)

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