Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Getting there...

Got another assignment done today - that's week 4 caught up on :) (See yesterday's post - I'm talking about the BPS "My Word" class). Just seeing my layout from yesterday as I update this, it almost looks like I have scraplifted myself LOL! I guess the main thing that makes it look like that is the arrow. Same shape and same place. Wasn't on purpose at all. I have used the SEI Christmas paper range and also some SEI epoxy stickers.

I got some questions in the "comments" sections yesterday so here we go:

* Cynthia asked about the arrow - it's from a sheet of arrows by Scenic Route.

* Both Keitha and Hetty asked about my stamp "Art Doesn't Have To Be Perfect" - it's by Catslife Press. Hope that helps :)


Deanne said...

Hello again
I must admit those arrows are great, i assumed you'd done them yourself!
Looked for them but cant find who stocks them - can you help with that too - again - lol

Cynthia said...

Thanks for answering my question on the arrows!! Oh i just love the sweetness of the tradition. Its those times we truly want to capture. So, Anso you are from Sweden? You live there now or did you move on to another place. I am in the US I live in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Hello Glitter!

I found your blog when someone posted your Exploding Box class.

I really liked your Jul layout. I spent one Christmas in northern Sverige - Umea and Robertsfors to be exact.

The Christmas traditions were so different but similar in many ways. My boyfriend's mom offered the tele to me in case I wanted to watch Midnight mass with the Pope and then again on Christmas day itself to see the Queen's address.

I'll check in again on your blog some other time. Keep up the great work.


PS - your English is waaaaay bettern than my Swedish. Jag can talla lita Svenska. Jag bor i Ottawa, Kanada. That is about all I remember.

humbug said...

well done anso- you are really inspiring me to get a move on with this now
great work here - love it