Friday, February 19, 2010

More From The Tablet Class...

I didn't know too much what to expect from the tablet class by Jessica Sprague. Some parts I did parts I did assume we'd go through and other parts have been rather surprising. All good though :)

This was the main layout class for week 2. We learnt a lot of cool techniques including how to create our own PSE brush. See the pale blue paper with the leaf overlay? I did that - the leaves are my very own created PSE brush. That felt cool - LOL!

We learnt how to take digital alphas (see the title) and create them into a "sticker effect" with white background and how to take a scanned chipboard piece and create the scroll effect that you can see in lime green at the top and the bottom.

I wish I could remember every single technique now... and of course you can't when you learn so many new things all at once and you only do them one time. But the cool thing is that I can go back to anything and check up on how we did it anytime I want :)

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Nadine said...

cool beans! wish I have a tablet now