Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun With My Tablet...

I'd so intended to blog yesterday but I was feeling really rotten with a bad upset stomach so here I am today instead. :)

Anyway, I wanted to share what I have done for a really fun class that I'm taking. Some of you might know that I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet (since about....I don't know...1 year ago? Or is it 2 already?) which I really love. I use it a LOT. Basically daily I would say. But I only really use it as you would use a mouse.

When I saw that Jessica Sprague was doing a tablet class way back in ...I don't know, October or so, I signed up immediately. It started on the 1st of February and we have done so much fun things already.

This was the first full layout project that we did and we learnt so many great techniques. I just wish I could remember them all LOL!

The two that I loved most I definitely remember though, check this out:

See the dotted red line with EVENLY spaced dots that marks the route on the map? How cool is that!! And the scallops, the scallops!! *I* have done those!! I can't believe that. I love scallops and I'm in heaven knowing that I can make these with my tablet and some PSE brushes. Maybe this is something really basic, but I'm sooo happy I have done this :)


Hannah said...

Hello! My name is Hannah. I just wondered if it were possible to ask you for a commission?

I love your tutorial for the exploading box. I need one to fit some business cards. Is it possible to make me a blank version (no pictures or text) which will fit a stack of business cards?

I have paypal, and I live in England.

My facebook is and my email is

It would be so awesome if you could. I would pay you in advance of course.

Kind regards,

Casey Wright said...

Love this beautiful LO - it's just lovely! TFS!