Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 21...

Not so many days left of my Christmas journal now :) I know Shimelle does her class to the 6th of January. Ali Edwards does hers to the 25th of December. Me? I want to include New Year's Eve in my journal but I really don't see a point for me to continue my Christmas journal into January either, so I have the 31st of December as my end date.

The left side, which is basically just the photo where I sit wrapping Christmas presents, is the continuation of the extra "photos only" page which I talked about the other day.

...and if we continue onto the 21st and the right side, I'm journaling about how it was snowing a lot that day and how we were looking after my little niece and had lots of fun outside in the snow sledging etc.

Anyone else still working on your Christmas journal? How's it going? End in sight yet? :)

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