Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 23...

How exciting. It's the 23rd of December (in my Christmas journal that is! LOL!) Christmas is only a day away and since I totally love the cosiness of Christmas, this is a very good day.

Everything that isn't already sorted for Christmas is coming together on this day. And going to bed, knowing that tomorrow is Christmas Eve, is just the best :)

Only a few more pages left in my journal now. And I'm soooo happy that I kept going with it rather than giving up because it was not December anymore. It will be such a great album to have and look through in the future :)


Anne said...

You totally have my respect - you'll be so glad that you kept going with this. It's looking great!

Mole said...

Your tenacity with this project is laudable - and what a fab creation you are going to have at the end of it all!