Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Swedish Greetings Stamps...?

I know most of the readers of this blog are either from the US or UK, but I'm desperate so I'm going to try and put out my strange request anyway LOL!

I'm after some Swedish greeting stamps. Things like Congratulations (Grattis), Merry Christmas (God Jul), Happy Easter (Glad Påsk) etc.

I thought Magnolia did some but as far as I can see, it looks like they have changed their text stamps to be in English now.

Anyone seen any around please? Ordering from a Swedish online shop would be just fine for me :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction to a good place :)


Anonymous said...

check out
they specialize in stamps and can make anything you want.

pigglet said... they have various stamps and stickers but as i am a little daft i am not sure if they are swedish or not they definatly have god jul not sure if this helps hope so

Caz said...

Anso, you would need to order from the Swedish store at Magnolia...I think the swedish text stamps are on there. Welcome to the wonderful world of Copics and colouring.