Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas Journal - Day 20...

Feel great as I have just finished some much needed going through of some clothes drawers and thrown out some out stuff. I find this very hard to do (I need to be in a very "determined" mood!) but I love it afterwards :)

Anyway onto my Christmas album and Day 20...

Actually no, first a thank you to Stephanie who left a comment on Day 19 of my Christmas album. And yes please DO join me in getting your album finished. Take one day (=page in the album) at a time and it will soon be done. Don't think of the whole project (= "ALL the pages you have to do to get finished") - then it will feel far too overwhelming. Instead thing of it as "I'm just doing one page" and then "I'm just going one page" again :) Please let me know how it goes :)

Okay, now --- Day 20:

It features one of those fun page protectors with a flap that opens. Above you can see the page protector as it would look in the album (shut) and below you can see it with the flap opened up.

Some photos of playing a game (which is actually from when I was little - I remembered it as soon as Mum took it out of the cupboard!!! So cool!) with my Mum and little niece. And then some Christmas toffee making + wrapping later in the evening. A great relaxed day :)

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Stephanie said...

Anso, I pulled out my christmas daily and decided to finish it! Thanks for the tips! here is a link to my facebook with some pictures of my december daily