Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Christmas Journal - Day 19...

OMG that Lemon yogurt is just... too good... amazing! I could seriously have eaten the whole pot (and it's a big pot - 1 kilo!) of yogurt in one sitting. I didn't of course LOL! But it was very hard not to. I can see that this will definitely be one of my favourite flavours. Just trying "Greek & Coconut" also at the moment and it's really nice too.

...and we've got more from my Christmas album today (Anyone still with me? Anyone trying to finish it still?) I just LOVE these 9-divided page protectors. They are so much fun to work with - totally cool. Anyway, on December 19th we had my nephew's Christening and a nice reception with family afterwards. A really great day! :)

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Stephanie said...

Hey Anso! Thanks for clarifying where you got the plastic sleeves. I have to confess that i didnt finish my christmas album!! It stoped on December 22 because after that i got so busy with christmas and then new year, but i think im going join you so i can finish it. your going to be my inspiration for finishing it!! Thanks for sharing. Stephanie