Saturday, February 05, 2011


Bought something fun which got delivered early this morning...

We're so excited to try it and have only heard very good reviews about it! :) Have you got one? What do you think? What's your favourite flavour? Or not so favourite?

We bought a selection pack so we can work out what we like best etc... And we have just started off a strawberry yogurt in it. Should be finished tonight and then we'll chill it overnight to try it for breakfast tomorrow. Should be interesting and fun ... :)))

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Kat said...

I got the EasiYo for about 10 years now, Anso, and I love it.

Love the plain Greek Yoghurt (then add honey and it's nice). By accident bought the Greek Yoghurt Mix selection pack (thinking it's just the plain one), tried it ... but you REALLY have to add some sugar or honey to it!! :)

Quite like the Forest Fruit Yoghurt Drink one as well... lots of nice things there! :)