Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas Journal - Day 21...

I've hardly been on-line at all during the last week. In fact I have not got much done at all on-line or off-line. Last Tuesday... one minute I was fine, the next my back was cramping up in agony... I dragged myself off to lie on the bed and then I couldn't get up again!! Baaaad back pain. And I have NO idea what I have done. It came on out of nowhere.

So the last 7 days have been spent getting very little done and looking at the ceiling an awful lot! :( It's still not good. Some days are better and some days are worse. Today is as good as it's been so I'm taking shorts bursts of trying to get things done and alternating them with longer bursts of resting the back. I'm hoping it's finally turning for the better so fingers crossed!

If you have any good tips for back pain please do leave a comment as I'm getting a bit fed up of it now (and stressed about the stuff that's piling up that I need to do!!!) It's on the right side of the spine... kinda below and going up around the shoulder blade (near the spine).

Okay better get off this chair. Putting page 21 of my Christmas album below. A very quick page based on photos... kinda appropriate for a day when you can't do much anyway LOL!

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