Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Journal 2010 Start...

I'm totally rushed off my feet here with two crafting projects (amongst other smaller ones) this week. I keep working on, and swapping between, the Christmas cards and also getting my Christmas Journal ready for December 1st.

I've decided to go with the Parisian Anthology album. It's an album which I ordered way back... like in September I think. I ordered it from the US and it took a while to arrive (not sure if it went via Australia or something LOL!) Anyway, when it arrived it was damaged. However Pink Paislee has really great customer service and sorted it out very quickly for me. :)

So this week I have been gathering some of my Christmas stash and started cutting papers for the page protectors...

Please excuse the reflections in the page protectors.

I went for a combination of different papers and manufacturers. I kinda like it best that way. Lots of mixing going on. :)

I haven't taken photos of every single page but these give a good idea of what the album looks like right now.

I decided to go for a side a day. So rather that one page protector (front and back) being for one day, I will have one day on the front and another on the back. Since some pages are larger and others are smaller I think it will work best that way. Though if I do have a small page protector for a day when I end up taking a lot of photos (and wanting to use several in my album) I can always add in an extra page protector and extend that day/page :)

I've decided not to add my numbers (dates) in advance. It's hard to know which days (apart from obvious ones like Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve etc) I will want to journal a lot and add lots of photos. So by adding the dates as I work on my pages I can leave my album flexible and be able to move my page protectors around as needed :)

How is your Christmas album coming along...?

Wishing you a great weekend :)


Liberty :) said...

I've done about as much as you! Nice to see you taking a diff approach on album size etc this year, your xmas journals inspired me to take a shimelle class and look at me now ! Cant wait to see what you come up with! X

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I took Shimelle's recommendation as well and bought the album and some papers. Haven't done any type of preparation though, but I like what you've done with yours!