Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Copic Heaven...

That's where I am right now :)

For my birthday at the weekend I got some money from my parents to buy Copic markers. I had lots of fun putting my order together on Monday afternoon and they arrived this morning. Here are my new beautiful shades:

The colours are showing up a bit bad (kinda pale/grey with a yellow tone) in this photo due to bad light today... but hey, I think you can make out the Copic numbers at least.

It might look like a bit of a random shop, but it's colours that go with other ones which I already have, so it's all very planned. Ooooh I was a happy girl adding these to my Copic shade list. :) Pretty!!

And you know what? I have just finished colouring all the Christmas images! Yay! It took me a little over a week to do them all but I'm finally done :)

Above is the result! I'm going to be using an oval scalloped Nestabilities die to cut the image out and then take it from there...

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