Monday, November 29, 2010

Mmmm... New addiction?...

Hrm... I think I might have a new addiction...!! I have resisted Glimmer Mists ever since they were released (a long time ago now!). Last week I was ready to give up and finally order some. But after some great discussion on a forum I was adviced to go for the Cosmic Shimmer Mist Sprays instead as they are supposed to be more shimmery (and more shimmer = always good!!)

Being eager, I couldn't wait to try them so I did some phoning around at the weekend and found a craftshop about an hour away that had some. We decided to make a nice day out of it and went there yesterday. Unfortunately they only had 6 shades and not really any of the ones I most wanted (greens, reds and gold/silver shades - Christmas ones... maybe even for my Christmas Journal). But I got myself some blue & purple ones and sprayed some onto white cardstock last night in the dark LOL!

The result? I went ---> *OMG, OMG, OMG!!!* and went straight online to order some more. So greens, reds and a few others - please, please arrive sooooooon! :)

PS. For any of you already using these, do you know how many shades are available please?

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