Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 30...

And we're on the 30th of December in my Christmas journal. I was meaning to get this on my blog last week but kept getting distracted by other things LOL!

The backside of Day 29 (the blue and white page you can see on the top left with the gingerbread house) is just lots of journaling about that day.

The 30th (right side) I always use as a little "year in review" before it's time for New Year's Eve. So I normally create a little photo collage with a few selected photos from the year... more to come on the backside of this page.

I'm still absolutely addicted to the Nintendo DS game Picross 3D! Over 180 puzzles solved in just over a week now! I even frantically dream of it at night LOL! Not so good though as I wake up absolutely exhausted... Anyway, if you have any Nintendo DS puzzle game recommendations, please, please leave a comment. Thanks :)

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