Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Your Fave DS Games...?

As I finished my blog post yesterday, I said I'd be back today telling you about my latest "obsession"... of the non-crafty kind. But let's first take a step back to last Friday when I got this, pre-ordered, on launch day:

{Nintendo DSi XL}

The original Nintendo DS was my first handheld Nintendo console. Ever since then, we have kinda pre-ordered and upgraded every time Nintendo has released a new DS version. I have always liked certain video games (more on that in a bit) and having a boyfriend who's always been into games, well... I guess it was only natural that I'd be going through the full set of Nintendo DS (original), Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi and now the Nintendo DSi XL.

So, main difference? Bigger screen, bigger console. I found this pic on the net which compares it to the DS Lite and gives you a pretty good idea:

What do I think? Well... I wasn't sure when we came home with them on Friday, if it would feel like an upgrade or not. But after having played with it during the weekend - I'm in love with the bigger screens! :) When we got out DSi's back when they were released, the build quality felt so much worse than for the DS Lite... like a downgrade. So I was actually kinda relieved to be rid of my DSi. I'm really pleased to tell you that the DSi XL seems to be back to the great build quality of the DS Lite - yay! And I never thought I'd say this but last night I even tried the fat stylus (it comes with a standard one in the console and an extra fat one in the box), and O-M-G!! It's sooooo nice to hold.

So onto my latest obsession of the non-crafty kind, PICROSS 3D!! During the weekend we have done over 80 (!!) of the puzzles...

When Pic Pic first came out it had me hooked instantly. I then moved onto Picross... soon to be followed by Colour Cross. Now I can't get enough of the new Picross 3D! :)

So please tell me your best suggestions for good DS games? :) I love my puzzle games and also the odd 2D platform game (think: original Rayman for the PSX). New Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart are brilliant too :) However Brain Training and the Layton games are not for me. I just don't see the appeal... they don't give me that feeling of "wanting to play more and more". I don't know why, I just find them a little "boring" somehow. Soooo, what would you suggest? What are YOUR favourites please? I'd love to hear :)

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