Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Little Update On My Eyes...

I went back to the eye specialist at the hospital this morning. The healing is going well after the surgery and they have now removed the bandage lens (like a contact lens to the naked eye really, that I had to have 24 hours a day) which was protecting my eye after the surgery. I'm still on lots of eyedrops (10+ times a day at the moment) and I will be for the rest of my life... :(

The worst thing for me is that even though the eye is healing well after the surgery I will never know if it's cured or not (same goes for my left eye which had the same surgery back in January). The original symptoms can come back at any time. Basically what happened was that my eyelid stuck to the eye (cornea) and ripped off part of the surface when I tried to open it. And yes it's way, WAY more painful than you could possibly imagine or I could ever describe in words. I'd wake up in the night and sit there for 20-30 mins in the most terrible pain possible, nearly screaming in agony, cheek wet from tears (not me crying, just the eye reacting) and being unable to open my eye. There is no guarantee that the surgery won't make this happen again. I can't even bear thinking about this and all I can do is to hope that it won't.

Tonight will be the first night sleeping without the protective lens in my eye. To say that I will be scared when I go to bed tonight will be an understatement. I think I will have many, many restless, worrying and stressful nights before I slowly learn to relax more and more.

Anyway, that's a little update for today. I'm back seeing the specialist again in 6 weeks to check that the eye surface (cornea) still looks ok.

Thanks for reading :)


Jackie Pocock said...

I will pray that you have a comfortable night and all is well in the morning Anso. Take care.

Charlotte said...

Good luck tonight Anso, hope it all goes okay xxx

Jessica said...

So sorry sweetie, I'll pray for you, to heal and not have the problem again.