Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Waaaah - My Fonts!! ...

...that's what I thought this morning as I needed a favourite font. I was trying a little digital scrapping for the first time since the eye operation (I still can't manage masses of time in front of the monitor), forgetting that I had a new computer = NONE of my usual fonts!! Aaah! So I came to add some text to my layout and suddenly realised that I have a huge job in front of myself: to go through and install all the usual fonts that I use. This is definitely the time I wish I had them all neatly in one folder LOL!

[Supplies: Messy Machine Stitches Straight - Emily Merritt, Fancy Schmancy Frames 3 - Karah Fredricks, Pat Me - Kaye Winiecki, Where Bluebirds Fly - Kaye Winiecki , Spilled Things - Valerie Wibbens, Topography Set No 3 - Valerie Wibbens (all from The Lilypad)]

Well I'd better get started finding and installing all those fonts as this is going to be a loooong job LOL!

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