Friday, October 09, 2009


I'm exhausted today. My eye stayed fine during the night (thanks for the sweet comments!) but I slept as bad as... well, someone who sleeps bad! LOL! I was soooo tense and woke up all the time, so aware of my eye and how it was feeling. Got up extra early as my heart was racing and I could not calm down my breathing and relax enough to sleep. I guess it will get easier with time and I will get more and more relaxed the more nights I can have without eye pain. I can't really think about that I'm on eye drops (2 types, approx 6+ times per day) for the rest of my life.

...I have to go down the denial route on that one at the moment as otherwise it will make me so sad. I specifically hate the thick gel like stuff I have (well, I need to get someone else to administer!) to take every night before going to bed. It lubricates the eye but it makes it super blurry and extremely light sensitive so it's just a case of going to bed and turning the light off straight away. I wake up with it "melted" and smeared halfway down my cheeks (as if I'd rubbed oil beneath my eyes)...oh joy!

Trying to stay awake, I'm working on a new project with some old photos. Dad scanned a few hundred slides for us last year (I soooo love him for that!!) and this is the perfect opportunity to use them :)

I'll be working on this some more later today and I'll be back some time this weekend showing you the finished layout, right now it's time for another dose of eye drops... for a change - LOL! :)

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Jessica said...

I'm so sorry that you've got to do the eyedrops. But, as I'm a positive thinker, at least you can still see to scrap!!! Hope it gets easier for you.