Thursday, October 01, 2009

Journal Your Christmas...

These are some images from my Christmas album from last year. I hunted for these since I got a question (well two actually) left for me yesterday by Liberty and I thought I might as well reply to them straight away.

First of all, wow - thanks for saying that I have inspired you to sign up for the "Journal Your Christmas" class Liberty. I feel honoured. :) You asked if I was doing it again? It's not actually something I have thought about yet, but since you asked, well... yes I think I'm very likely to do it. I have done it now for.... I don't know, 3 years in a row I think, so it would be a bit of a shame to stop now. So yes I think I'm very likely to do a Christmas (December) album this year too :)

Then your second question was about where I store my albums. And maybe this is actually the reason why I have the "layout pile problem", as I simply do not have a good way of storing my albums. Our bookshelves are not deep enough so it doesn't really work to have them there. At the moment they are on top of a big chest of drawers... some albums standing and others in a pile of top of the albums standing up. Not an ideal solution at all I'm afraid and I really wish I had a better way or storing them, or indeed deeper bookshelves :)


Kat said...

WOW,Anso - that's looking good!!! I still haven't finished mine (somehow life gets always in the way ... for 6 (?) years now!!). I am thinking on finishing the album this year and start a new year in 2010! ;)

Kim Dellow said...

So beautiful, My goodness that book is fantastic! Kim