Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adding Pages Into An Album...

I had one of those "dreaded" days today which happens a few times a year... What's that? When I realise that my pile of finished layouts is getting out of hand and that I really, REALLY need to sit down and get them added into an album. I don't know why this happens really. I could just as well add them to my current album as I finish them. But somehow they end up in a pile. And as the pile grows I feel worse and worse for not taking the time to put them into my album. LOL! Anyone else doing the same? Or maybe you used to and then stopped this "bad" habit? I'd love to hear your "strategy" for finished layouts please.

At least now *phew* I can feel happy that all my layouts are in albums... for a little while. Until that inevitable pile starts again... LOL!

The layout above is the next in line for the "Go To Press" class. Writing down how your "creative process" flows. Which is a bit of a long story. Or actually rather simple for me. But this is a story for another day. :)


Liberty :) said...

a lovely colour page !! :)

Your christmas album last year has inspired me to sign up for my first ever class at Shimelle's journalyour own christmas! are you doing it again this year? I can't wait!!!!

Liberty :) said...

ooh i knew what I had to ask you - where on earth do you find room to store your albums? I am rapidly running out of space in my house!!!