Friday, October 02, 2009

More About The Chirstmas Journal...

Kat (thanks for your comment) - yes I know what you mean. To do a Christmas journal and to commit to make a page a day for the whole month is a BIG thing to try and stick to. Especially since December is probably the busiest month for all/most of us. So I can totally see that it's very hard to complete the project. I normally have the problem that I have no access to my stash for some time during the month too so I always have to work "behind" on the project no matter what.

And I will not say that it's not hard work to catch up afterwards because it REALLY is. It somehow makes the work more of a "chore" and less fun when you're catching up on something that "should" have been done already. So it takes a lot of commitment and discipline (and the extra time too of course)! It's not easy. Maybe the best thing for you is to try and complete the previous album rather than starting a new one yet again? It's certainly something that I would consider. :)

(Page done for Shimelle's "Go To Press" class)


Mole said...

I love your LO - it's very classy!

Kat said...

Mmmmh... yeah, I agree with you there, Anso - have been checking my calendar and can't see me finish the album this year and start a new one in December... ;)

And I REALLY have to finish that album this year ... I am only getting around 4 LOs done per year. LOL.