Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Favourite Colour...

I'm continuing with the colour challenges and one of the scrapping challenges has been to scrap a page using your favourite colour/about your favourite colour. Well, that didn't take much thinking :)

Obviously: green. I also decided to go with accent colours of pink (a colour that I have started liking only a few years ago) and white because I really like the combination of these three colours together.

Instead of going with a photo (or photos) of green things that I own, I decided to just pick a random photo from my developed photo pile that gave you the general feeling of "green". Then I journaled about why I love the colour, that it's always been my fave colour etc. I'm really pleased I have done this layout as it's these kinda "obvious & common facts" about us that we often forget to make part of our albums. :)

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Mole said...

I think your green page is great!