Monday, June 15, 2009

Light Shades...

Oh yuck, I have come down with a terrible cold. Just sitting at the desk here typing this makes me totally exhausted & shaky. Bleugh! Something tells me there will be a lot of resting and reading books for me for the next few days. I don't get colds too often, fortunately, but when I get them, I get them BAD!

Anyway I'm a little behind on the colour photo challenge by Shimelle so I made a huge effort to get the camera out this morning to capture the next lot of colours ---> light & pale ones :)

Firstly, a quick photo out of the window of some pretty clouds :)

Then my current handbag. I like to change it often so I have quite a few that I swap and change rather than having one for a few years, throwing it and buying a new. I love changing my bag every few weeks and just pick whatever colour I feel like at the moment. I can see myself swapping to one of my brighter bags very soon.

The book that's currently lying on my desk at the moment. Bought in Tesco before the weekend. I love the deal they have on new paper backs (2 for £7). Nice to be able to buy new books without them costing a fortune. :) The other book I got was the latest one by Tara French.

...and finally another thing lying on the desk next to me. My iPod Touch that is charging. I bought a set of (very cheap!) silicone covers for it on Ebay a while back. One of those really cheap purchases that turns out to be really great. At the moment I'm using the white cover but I'll be swapping to the green one soon as this one has been on for a while now.

Okay I'm off to get some rest. I hate summer colds...

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