Monday, December 01, 2008

Journaling My Christmas...

I've been so busy lately with DT/CT work here and there, the BPS class to keep up with etc, ont top of everything else, that I simply haven't had any time at all to prepare my Christmas album. It's made me rather sad to be honest...and a little bit stressed. It's something I enjoy a lot and I don't want it to become something stressful...but this year it kinda has. So today, after making yet another layout for the class by Cathy Zielske, I have sat down to start on my album. I'm making it totally from scratch...cutting my own chipboard covers etc, so I'm not exactly making it any easier for myself LOL!

Anyway, I took a 5 min break to blog and show you what my desk looks like right now...

You can see my finished Christmas journal from 2006 here and from 2007 here. (If you hunt through the Dec/Jan posts for each year you will also find pics of all the inside pages).

I better get back to making this journal now as there's no way I will finish today even so.

Oh and I almost forgot, for those who followed my Christmas rug, I did indeed finish it late on Friday afternoon and in time for the weekend which I hoped :) Now I just need to find some time to take photos of it LOL!

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Guinevere said...

Anso - your album will be as beautiful as your previous years - take a bit of time to enjoy making it - its what you deserve - and it will be beautiful!!