Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Loved The First Lesson...

I finished the first lesson yesterday and totally love it!! I learnt so many great things. How to turn a photo into sepia and selectively colour one part, how to round the corners of paper using a brush (wow - loved this!), how to create your journaling in two columns etc etc. I so much enjoyed it!

...and that is my finished layout. I pretty much followed the class instructions...the only thing I did differently was the heart embellishment. In the class the embellishment was "floating" in the big empty blue area of the layout (bottom left). But I wasn't too keen on that so I moved mine and overlapped the journaling block instead. That worked better for me.

You know what I love? Brushes!! I mean, how fantastic are they? We used some brushes on the left and right side of the photo and well, I'm just like ---> wow, love it :)))

Today we got this great freebie for the class. When I read the mail, seeing that it was going to be from SSD, I thought it was great news. But at the same time I thought I might already have the freebie kit with being on the SSD CT. Oh no!! Instead Robin and the gang have been sooooo sweet and designed us an exclusive kit just for Jessica's class:

And before I finish this, I have a message for Lisbet who left me a comment: tack så mycket för att du talade om att min länk inte funkade på Jessicas forum - jag tror att jag har fixat den nu.

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Wati Basri said...

cool pic...awesome!