Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Many Cool Things To Learn...

Due to some problems with the class materials I never got the chance to start on the first class yesterday. Today is a different story. We have a huge class full of cool things to learn. As I type this I'm about 40% through the whole lesson and it's great.

One of the very cool things I have learnt so far this morning is to take a normal colour photo:

...and change it to sepia tone and then re-colour a single element in the photo!

How special does that look? I just hope I can remember it all LOL! But the class is really good in the way that we have access to the class videos forever, so if you forget how to do a certain task, you can just go back and watch it over and over again :) Totally loving it!

Okay I better get back to my lesson.

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Lisbet said...

Hi hallo...

I found you from Jessica Sprague side - I´m in the class too.

I´m HZDesign.

Nice to meet you.

By the way - you bloglink under ypur picture doesn´t work.