Thursday, June 19, 2008

October Afternoon...

If someone asked me, for a long time I would have said that Autumn Leaves make my absolute favourite stamps. For the last year...hrm...not so sure anymore. I still LOVE my Autumn Leaves stamps but October Afternoon are definitely a good contender! Love their stamps :)

I have not posted stash photos for ...what has felt like ages, probably haven't ordered any new stash for a long time. But I have just got some new yummies from the US so here we go...

One reason for me loving October Afternoon stamps so much:

Those owl stamps, the baby deer and the rabbit are so cute. Love the trees! And the journaling/calendar ones will be mega useful.

...and they have brought out some new collections of papers too. When I saw them on the website I was not 100% sure, but I took a gamble and am I glad that I did. They look so much better in reality :)

And finally I couldn't resist getting a few sheets of paper from KI Memories latest collection called "Bloom". There were so many items in this collection that it was really hard to pick.

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Avital said...

You are truly an excellent picker. Your new stash looks so good, I wonder where did you get it from ... Is there an online store which gives good int. shipping prices? I usually pay at least the same on shipping as I pay for the stuff itself.