Monday, December 17, 2007

Naughty Me...

...for not updating my blog yesterday! Very bad of me! LOL! But there were birthday celebrations going on in our house so I was rather busy. I even didn't get my Christmas journal page done yesterday. Bad, bad me!! So I have got something to catch up on this morning, including doing today's page too. :)

But first I have my page for the 13th of December to show you. I was a little torn by this day and whether I should follow the prompt or not. The 13th is "Lucia day" in Sweden and I half wanted to write about rather than following the prompt. But because I featured Lucia in my journal I decided to follow the prompt after all.

For those of you wondering about Lucia, you can click here. It's originally something religious but it's now celebrated by everyone and in today's society doesn't really have anything to do with religion at all. A very, very cosy day :)

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