Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas madness...

Phew...the shops are a bit crazy aren't they?! LOL! Am I glad that we finished all our Christmas shopping a week ago and all cards are made and sent (post office is crazy too!) We had to go out for a few groceries this morning and it was madness already...drove past one supermarket where people were queueing just to park!!

"LCD" asked about the advent calendar which I did a page on for the 5th of December and if I had any instructions for making it. No not really sorry LOL! The calendar was bought in Tesco and I used "Love Elsie" Noel papers, stickers and rub-ons for it (plus a few other number stickers from other manufacturers). I had a Woodward square punch which worked well to punch paper for the front of the boxes and a small round punch (also by Woodware) which I inserted my paper halfway into, to create the half moon shape at the top of the boxes. Hope that was of some help :)

And my Christmas journal page for the 12th of December:

Supplies: Scenic Route "Roxbury" paper, chipboard word and word strip. 7 Gypsies tab sticker and Rhonna Farrer word rub-on.

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