Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some Tuesday scrapping...

Feel like I haven't scrapped for days. Which is true actually. I have been making cards instead with my yummy Magnolia stamps. Even before I bought my own, I thought the images of Tilda etc look like a hippo. But a cute hippo. And I like hippos!! So I like the stamps :) Should have some more coming soon because I placed an order from Sweden on Friday...

Anyway I'm getting off topic here LOL! Back to my scrapping. What do I pick when I don't really have any idea of what I want to scrap? One of the "Love Elsie" collections! They instantly make me smile and want to start scrapping. :)

This is a layout using basically only stuff from the "Riley" collection (papers, epoxy stickers, cardstock stickers etc). The photo is taken in the south of Sweden at a place called Brösarps Backar (not that you can see anything of it LOL!). Ross climbed up on this big stone and I immediately saw a photo opportunity (as we scrappers do!) I wanted to get him, the stone and just the sky - from below. So imagine what people walking by must have thought...me down on the grass, lying on my stomach, while trying to tilt the camera upwards at a good angle. Anything for a fun/good/perfect photo, eh? :)

I've just been cutting card and stamping lots of Magnolia images for a stamp image swap which I'm taking part in, so I'm off out to the post office in a little minute to get that lot sent off.


Kim said...

Hiya Anso,

Just wanted to pop by and say how much I love your stuff :) I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first comment I have left.

I really admire your style.....It's so simple and stylish...I love it!!!

Love n Kisses

Kim :)

margaretforster said...

Anso, only us scrappers would think to take such good shots !!!