Monday, September 24, 2007

Tidying the harddrive...

So are you doing anything crafty today? I have just finished another card using one of my Magnolia stamps. Again all the patterned papers etc are leftovers from scrapping. I just LOVE making cards when you don't actually start cutting up a brand new sheet of paper or card :)
(Grattis is Swedish for "congratulations")

I think I will spend the rest of the day doing through my harddrive and sorting out/deleting files, backing up my photos etc. Got an appointment in the middle of the afternoon so it's only a few hours left to get started on this. Have *you* backed up your photos recently? If not, maybe it's a good thing to do after you have read this... :)

Got an e-mail from BPS today regarding the "Doodle All Day" class which I'm taking. Maelynn has given us two fun little pre-projects to get started on. Just little things, but they made me smile and it's just the thing to get you really excited about starting the class. Only I'm a bit stuck as my pens which I ordered for the class have still not turned up *small sulk* And I NEED them for this. Why is it that everyone else get theirs and you're still left waiting for the postman every morning...? LOL!


Dalla Song said...

Didn't the book just make you want to get started! I can't wait for the actual classes too


mum on the run said...

Aww, love her hair!!

Gorgeous card Anso!!