Friday, June 29, 2007

My opinion...

Michal commented yesterday and asked for my opinion on the Making Memories self-sharpening trimmer. Mmmm...I have not had it so long that I feel that I can really "review" it properly yet as such, but I'll give it a little go. I love that you get clean sharp edges!!! I was sooooo fed up with getting "fuzzy edges" from blunt blades. So that's a huge plus. The negative thing for me is the size. As you might know I have a very small scrap room. And very small scrap room = small desk. And my scrapping space on the desk has to compete with the computer. Basically when I want to use my MM trimmer it takes up all the space I have on my desk for scrapping. Imagine you might have some patterned paper out, some pens, scissors, glue and then you need to cut a paper. Where do you put the trimmer?!? So for me this is quite a negative thing. But of course if you're lucky to have quite a big desk (maybe even so big that you can leave your trimmer unfolded and out all the time) then this would be no problem.

The only other negative thing I could possibly think of it that it's a rotary trimmer. This is fine if you want to cut a complete strip down the length of your paper. But what about when you want to cut out a square from your paper? You slide the cutter part way into your paper (however long you need the side of the square to be) and then what? You can't just stop and lift up the arm with the blade like you can with a "normal trimmer". So you end up having to try and carefully slide the blade back through the paper the same way it came from.

But apart from those two things I'm really getting on with my trimmer so far. I have it standing up leaning against one of the legs of my desk, next to my chair, so I can just bend down and pick it up whenever I need to. Hope this was of some help Michal.

Before I go...a little card which I made this morning for my sister's boyfriend...


Michal said...

Hi Anso,

Thank you for your effort and for the detailed answer. Usually I work at the dinner table. every time I need a tool I have to run to the "supply room" and get it. That effects my work, as I get tired and decide to finish the work at a certain point rather than bring another tool/item. The size of the trimmer is an issue, but I can solve it. As to making sqares in a patterned paper, I doubt if I'll ever make one. If so, maybe a self-hilling mat and a craft knife would do the trick.

I love the birthday card. Happy birthday!


Jules said...

Hi, I've just stumbled across your site whilst searching for fellow cardmakers and thought I would say hello.

Love that card, the colours are gorgeous.

Jules x

margaretforster said...

I love Basic Grey so needless to say what a great card it is!! My cards never look too "professional" but this is really good Anso. I luuuuve the stamp, it's perfect for every age -- what brand is that one ??
Well done ......... Margaret

Cynthia said...

love this card and the size! what size is is Anso? I was trying to guess its longer..

Interesting about the size on the cutter also i thought about buying it but thought the size was a bit too big form me also and I have a bigger space to use it..