Thursday, June 28, 2007


Not feeling too great today so I haven't felt like scrapping all day (shock & horror!! LOL!) Instead I'm going to share some pictures of something I got last week which makes me smile...


I added the blue ones to my button jar and it's now filled to the top! No space for the primary ones ... Use lots of buttons quickly or buy a second jar...


margaretforster said...

that's so funny Anso, sounds like me !!
but I keep buying them . . . . look out
it's gonna get you !!!!
hope your feeling better soon .
Wasn't those pancakes was it ?? . . . . .
Margaret ✗✗

Michal said...

Hi Anso,

I hope you'll feel better very soon.
I would love to get your opinion on the Making Memories trimmer. I'm looking to buy a new trimmer, and since you've published the new purchase, I thought I could ask you.
If it's easier for you you could reply to my email:

Thank you

Wati Basri said...

hi Anso...hope you feel btr soon!!
wow...loads of buttons there...lovely! :)

Wati ~ Singapore