Saturday, June 30, 2007

Answering questions...

A rainy and very grey Saturday here... Got some questions in the comment section yesterday so I thought I'd reply to them before I forget LOL!

Margaret - the stamp I used on the birthday card yesterday is by Catslife Press. I bought my stamp unmounted so I'm afraid I don't have a code on it - sorry. But I'm sure you'll be able to find it on the website anyway.

Cynthia - again a question about the birthday card but you wanted to know the size. I made the card (base) myself and it was 20x7 centimetres. For those of you who need that in inches it's about 8 by just-less-than-3 inches. LOL!

Hope that helps :)


margaretforster said...

thanks for answering my question anso, found it on the catslife link . . it's cold here today too but have just come back from a walk with our 2 & 4 yrs old grandsons . . . . .margaret

margaretforster said...

my message said it was 5.26am (must be your time) as it is 2.30pm Sunday (1st) here. don't think I would take kids for a walk at 5.30am. . . . . we are 9 hours ahead of you. . . . . . M.