Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pretty Flowers...

When we planted our outside plants back in mid May they didn't look anything special. Just green and well... small I guess. We were even worried that we'd planted them too close together so they wouldn't be very happy...

Fast forward to yesterday and they now look like this:

I'm so glad we bought a huge mix of colours as I love how it looks almost like a rainbow of flowers. It just makes me so happy. Probably the best looking summer flowers we have had so far in our outside pots I think.

I'm guessing they like the so called "summer" weather. To me it's like ---> where's the summer? We have not had a day of what I would call summer weather since the really nice week and a half which was amazing back in mid May. And it doesn't look like it will be better either... Just checked the prognosis all the way until July the 16th. Depressing!! :(

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