Friday, June 29, 2012

Cupcake Bakery...

I've been working on quite a few birthday cards this week. For July and September birthdays. As I know I have some weeks where I won't be able to use my craft desk so I need to get them done ahead of time. Things are drying and well, honestly... I haven't really had the time to get them photgraphed yet. :)

Above is a layout which is a little bit different for me to make. I'm a fast scrapper which means I'm not a huge fan (simply because I don't take the time, not because I don't like it) of making my own embellishments. It doesn't really go with fast scrapping. However this time I had the idea already from the start of making some sort of sun on the layout so I decided to go with the idea and I really enjoyed it. Not something I will do every time (as it is a lot more time consuming) but definitely something I will try again in the future :)

Must make time to get more paper crafting in... somehow...! It makes me so happy :)

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