Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Christmas Album | Day 26...

Only five more days/pages to do after this one and my December album is complete :)

We're onto December 26th and another "tradition". For... Well... I really don't know... For as long as I can remember (!) my aunt and uncle have invited us all on my Mum's side (my Dad's side of the family lives in a different part of the country so we see them at different times) for dinner on the 26th of December every year.

Every year it seems like we're more and more people (girlfriends, babies etc added) and we don't know how they manage each year. It always seems full to capacity and "how will they manage next year?!" LOL! But they do :)

Anyway I think we all really like, and appreciate, that they do this as it's really the one time in the whole year when we ALL meet at once. So a really nice tradition indeed :)

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