Sunday, March 11, 2012

Christmas Album | Day 25...

Not many days left in my Christmas album now. Told you I would get it done eventually :) Much too great of a project to give up on!

...and we're on to Dec 25th. In the UK the BIG Christmas day... In Sweden not so. The 24th is when it's celebrated. So the 25th in Sweden is like... well, I guess what Boxing Day (26th) is like in the UK.

A day when we tend to really enjoy Christmas, spend time with family, playing with new presents and just relax a bit. One thing that's kinda become tradition in our family, without it even really having been decided, is no TV in the evenings on the 24th/25th/26th. I'm not sure how it's ended up like that. But I'm so grateful. It's nice not having it on...

Just sitting around, being together, talking, and... what's also become a tradition on these evenings is board game playing. Preferably some sort of quiz game. We all love a game called MIG which has been released in different versions now (they even do one in English). It's kinda like a Swedish version of Trivial Pursuit only you don't have a board. Just question cards, 2 dice and a scoring pad. We love to play this in teams :)

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