Saturday, July 02, 2011

Flowery Birthday Happiness...

I have really, really enjoyed this first week of Summer Card Camp. It's so inspiring and it's definitely a class that's a great one to take. I really can't wait for next week's colour combination. I hope it's got some GREEN in it :)

I'm really hooked on making these transparency cards. Though after 3 I think I might just try something new next LOL! Again I varied what I did compared to the other days. Today white is the big colour and I have gone for yet another different shaped window/frame on the front of the card.

I've decided to try and make "useful" cards, rather than just "random cards for the sake of the class". Therefore I'm trying to aim for my most used cards of all ---> birthday cards in Swedish. That way I'm learning fun techniques from the class & make cards PLUS at the same time I have cards that I need for the future :)

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Mary Jo said...

Wasn't this a fun technique to try. Your card is very pretty