Friday, June 24, 2011

So Worth It...

For the last few days (since Wednesday morning) I've been sorting, tidying, sorting, tidying...until I have been exhausted. My scraproom is TINY! If I hold my arms out I can touch both (opposite) walls at the same time. And if I turn 90 degrees and hold my arms out I can touch the other two (opposite) walls at the same time too. Get some idea of how small of a room it is? Won't even hold a single bed as the room is too short. On top of this, the room has 2 (!) doors and 1 window. So not much left, eh?

Based on that, you can probably already imagine that my scrapping desk is very small too. Just over 1 metre long. And even though I'm keeping my desk clear in between scrapping sessions and I'm a very tidy person at heart, things happen.... My desk is also my laptop space = not much work surface left. So when I scrap I have to pile supplies around my chair, leaning against the wall, the desk leg, anything that's available. These piles have a tendency to take over the floor (the little floor I have!!) which I hate (being a tidy person). So I have spent a loooong time these last few days sorting through my piles, dividing stuff... Putting things away in the space where they really belong. Moving things around to have certain items more to hand etc etc.

After nearly three days of doing this I'm exhausted. My brain is exhausted from trying to come up with good storage solutions for things that are nearly impossible. And I'm exhausted from crawling under my desk, having things collapsing on me, moving things, lifting things, trying to get to awkward things...

But it's finally Friday and I'm NEARLY done! Yay! And I feel sooooo much happier when I walk into my scraproom now :))) That was SO worth it! :)

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