Thursday, June 02, 2011

*Smash* Happiness...

Yay my Smash goodies have arrived and I'm soooo excited!! :)

"Annotations" - thanks for your comment that you left regarding the Smash items and my blog. Very much appreciated! :) You said you got the red Smash journal? You know what? As much as I prefer the blue and pink ones when it comes to the outside cover, I actually think that the red one might be my favourite when you look at the pages inside :)

I also got the little Smash journaling pads, the Smash tapes and a spare Smash pen. I figured those "pen&glue in one pens" could be really useful for other projects too :)

Anyone have any experience with 2peasinabucket's customer service please? This was the first time I ordered from them and unfortunately there was a problem with my pink journal. All the pages except the first one are upside down in the book LOL! Sent them an e-mail (or actually opened a so called "ticket") 24 hours ago when the parcel arrived but I'm still waiting. Hoping to hear from them soon!


Kate Hadfield said...

Oh I am interested to see what you think of these! I think my daughter would LOVE this idea and I am tempted to order one for her.

Casey Wright said...

I'm interested to see what you think of these too! Keep us posted and good luck with the ticket!